April 12, 2012

Superior Quality And Elegant Cloisonné Beads

There are lots of interesting beads that are designed today and among them are cloisonné beads. These beads are made by affixing a metal wire to the base of the design which also acts to separate the color. The process of making cloisonné beads is similar with making stained glass. Once the metal wire has been installed, a powder-colored glass enamel is painted in between the partitions made by the metal wire. The beads are then fired and polished after being painted by hands. Then, the beads are electroplated in gold or silver film to form beautiful and elegant beads. These beads look very lovely and interesting so you can use them to make different designs of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

You can also pair cloisonné beads with different kinds of beads that you have in your craft kit. However, when choosing beads that will complement cloisonné beads, make sure that you choose those that come with plain designs so that they will not compete with the design of the beads. Cloisonné beads pair well with plain seed beads, delica beads and other types of beads that you fancy. When choosing the threading materials, it is better if you use metal chain links that complement the color of the metal wire used in your beads thus if the metal wire used in your cloisonné beads are gold-plated, then you should opt for gold-plated chain links too. If, however, you don’t have metal chain links, you can always use nylon and ribbons as your threading materials. Now you may purchase brand new cloisonné beads at clearance prices at

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