May 8, 2012

10 Creative Engagement Photo Ideas

I just discovered Furious Photographers & they have some serious engagement photography inspiration. These are just a few of my favorite photos/ideas!  Where are you doing your engagement photos?

1. Air museum.  Isn’t this couple SEXY? how cool for their grandchildren to be able to see this photoshoot someday.

2. Chinatown

3. Outside railroad tracks

4. Under a bridge

5. Train Station

6. Art Museum grounds

7. University Building

8. Amusement Park Ride

9. Cute Beach Landmark

10. Vintage VW Beetle!

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Categories: Engagement Session

Comments (1)

  1. Very nice engagement images. Wouldn’t be able to do most of these without the proper environment, or you just have to get creative with whatever you have available. I’ve done engagement sessions and weddings at ghost towns, playgrounds, outdoor cafes, and old bridges. It’s all fun.

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