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November 26, 2012

Top Five Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

By Christina Bryon

The honeymoon is the time during which you are suppose to unwind from the pressures of planning the lavish wedding and truly rejoice that the two of you are now husband-and-wife. It should consist of new experiences, delicious foods, relaxing atmospheres and a string of romantic moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. What can detract from even the dreamiest location is that nagging voice in the back of your head that stresses
You cannot afford this; after all that money you spent on the reception? You cannot afford this. Well, put that voice to rest by selecting a honeymoon destination that falls within your budget. There are plenty of honeymoon destinations that offer the beauty of Paris or Bora Bora that only a fraction of the cost.


Croatia is a country with clean beaches, statuesque peaks, fertile forests, Renaissance and Gothic buildings and vibrant vineyards . . . but at a substantially more affordable rate than its Western neighbors. Couples will be introduced to friendly locals and abounding culture in the cities of Dubrovnik and Zagreb; they will be able to explore history, architecture, art and customs that span across the centuries to educate and enchant. Honeymooners will love snuggling in the quaint cafes and walking hand-in-hand through the charming, bustling streets. Undoubtedly, the Dalmatian Coast will also draw honeymooners with its crystal Adriatic waters, high cliffs and gorgeous views. The island of Hvar’s warm climate, pristine sands, crystal waters and festive nightlife are quickly making it a hotspot among celebrities and couples alike. For those who are itching for adventure, Croatia is brimming with flourishing, wooded natural parks that provide some of the world’s most striking mountains, waterfalls and forested environments.

Yucatan Peninsula

Does a romantic honeymoon in Cancun Mexico strike you as preposterous? Well, it’s on the list with due cause. The town and its surrounding areas may be prominently known for partying, but they also offer couples so much more than merely a wild nightlife. Newlyweds will want to visit Tulum to behold the azure seas, well-preserved Mayan ruins and cenotes (naturally sunken pits that are great for swimming or exploring). A short drive away, the city of Merida offers couples a surprising blend of indigenous and colonial architecture and cultural influences. When walking around the streets of the town, visitors encounter palaces of the past and citizens of the present. Surrounding Cancun are many national parks that are plentiful with wildlife and natural scenery, like the Area de Proteccion de Flora y Fauna Yum Balam, a nature preserve that is made up of gorgeous wetlands, dense jungles and lovely coasts. And don’t forget, no trip to the region is complete without viewing the famed and remarkable Chichen Itza!


Instead of flying across the Atlantic, why not explore the little slice of France that is nestled right in our own North America? The dynamic city of Montreal is accessible not only by plane, but train and bus as well, which will significantly cut down on costs. Like Paris, Montreal is a city of beauty; with its historic streets, imposing structures and dozens of quality museums, visitors to Montreal will be able to immerse themselves in the past while simultaneously soaking in the metropolitan lights, diverse nightlife and fine dining of this Canadian cultural hub. Abundant with youth and style, the city is also abundant with nature and spectacular parks, the chief being Mount Royal; visitors and locals alike treasure the wooded park and its romantic view of the magnificent skyline.

Lake Tahoe

Instead of snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, consider tackling the glorious slopes of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Mountains. During the winter, couples will enjoy the endless available activities as well as the romantic fireplaces and steamy hot tubs of area’s many resorts. And during the warmer months? Newlyweds will have their choice of hiking, boating, biking, golfing, hot air ballooning and so much more. With its cobalt blue waters, peaceful cliffs and emerald green nature, Lake Tahoe is a world-class sight to behold and share with your hubby.


Though the country may be geographically small, Vietnam offers honeymooners impressive geographic and cultural range. Depending on the region, you will be able to detect, French, Indian, Chinese and Thai influences that help to shape Vietnam into what it is today. The capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are alive with history, art, foods and animated street life that will delightful the curiosity of adventurous couples. Alternatively, Halong Bay and its spectacular islands that shoot from the water offer a backdrop of tranquility and wonder. Honeymooners will want to recline on one of the country’s many sunny beaches and dive into the ocean’s rippling waves. Whether by bicycle or car, travelers are encouraged to journey across Highway 1 to witness striking visions of the region as they pass by rice fields, jungles and more. While flying to Vietnam may be costly, the cost of room-and-board as well as your daily expenses will be very reasonable.

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November 1, 2012

Alternative honeymoon destinations: top 5

As time passes, fashion changes – and the same holds true for weddings and honeymoons. Many couples nowadays look for something unique and different when it comes to choosing their honeymoon destination. After all, this is probably the most important of all vacations, and it’s only natural to want to make it unique and special. Here are the top five unique spots for an unconventional getaway. Enjoy!

Dominican Republic

Those who think a honeymoon in the Dominican Republic is simply about relaxing on a beach of golden sand beside a deep blue sea would be wrong. While honeymooners can revel in the blissful surroundings of the Caribbean, they can also enjoy numerous fun activities. Dominican Republic resorts boast scenic vistas of extraordinary beauty and quaint charm. On the island of Hispaniola, lovers can visit shady pine-covered hills that are popular for mountain biking, nature reserves full of interesting wildlife and national parks that are perfect for romantic strolls. Energetic couples can also try river rafting or head to the coastline for scuba diving and whale watching.


From sun and sea to ice and snow – this is a honeymoon with a real difference. Intrepid explorers will love the opportunity to swap the beach for snowy landscapes. During their Alaskan adventure, honeymooners can lodge in comfortable family-run inns or log cabins, some of which have hot tubs. Couples can choose from a number of nature excursions, including cruises to view glaciers and wildlife, or activities such as white water rafting and kayaking. There’s nothing quite as romantic as cuddling together in front of a blazing log fire and watching the starlight twinkle on the sparkling snow outside.


Paris loves lovers, so goes the song, but the same can be said about other parts of France.
For pampered luxury, French spas cannot be surpassed. Besides traditional therapies, some in the Bordeaux area offer baths laced with red wine vine extracts to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize the skin, improve circulation and reduce stress. Many spas are attached to quality hotels, and some are located within vineyards. Honeymooners can learn more about winemaking and enjoy tasting sessions. Additionally, most hotels have recreational facilities, including Jacuzzis, swimming pools, golf courses or tennis courts.

Costa Rica

Couples who have set up house together before getting married often ask for alternative wedding presents, such as donations to eco-friendly projects. In much the same way, eco-friendly honeymoons have become fashionable, and couples spending time in Costa Rica can be reassured that the rainforest’s birds and insects are protected, as are the dolphins and turtles of the Caribbean and Pacific seas. Eco Lodge developments allow couples to occupy spacious single storey dwellings with ocean views, see the wildlife at close quarters and even plant a tree to remember their special honeymoon.

South Pacific cruises

Unusual cruises are another choice for newlyweds seeking to make the most of a multi-stop itinerary while looking for an alternative to the tourist-crowded Caribbean. The South Pacific has plenty of white beaches, superb landscapes and exotic cultures to explore. Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands, along with their plentiful wildlife, are also imbued with a fascinating history. Couples will enjoy the opportunity to explore the islands and learn about their rich cultural heritage.

Alternative honeymoons unfailingly surprise and delight, resulting in a truly memorable shared experience.

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