February 28, 2013

Colored Engagement Ring Trends

Are you expecting a proposal from your significant other this year? Have you already left around hints via magazines, emails, or tweets showcasing to your friends (in hopes that he will see) gorgeous rings that any girl would love to own?

Everyone knows that the usual route is to propose while brandishing a band featuring white diamonds galore, but who says that you, your beloved, or your relationship is usual? Why not buy a ring as unique as you are?


Engagement rings featuring colored gems are not only rare; their color can be indicative of your knowledge of your future spouse. Many colored gems are birthstones, which can add a personal note to the proposal. What girl born in January wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a gorgeous garnet engagement ring such as the one featured above?


Not only can a ring featuring colored gems or birthstones be personal and unique, they can be especially fashion-forward. If you’re a fashion conscious girl and pay attention to Pantone’s fashion color report for this spring, you’ll discover that your birthstone, such as an emerald, garnet, or topaz is in season for most fashionable engagement ring of the year. This trend can be seen on many public figures from The Duchess Kate, who dons a very large and sparkly blue sapphire to Jessica Biel, whose ring was designed by husband, Justin Timberlake and is adorned with Biel’s birthstone, Aquamarine. Along with Halle Berry who received a stunning emerald ring in gold setting from her soon to be husband. Many celebrities within the past year are opting for engagement rings, that either features a birthstone for personalization or just to indulge in the luxury of the unique and very stylish trend.


Colors themselves can often be very meaningful. The color red, for example, like that found in a garnet gemstone, is indicative of passion. Similarly, emerald is directly linked with the idea of growth. While Blue, like that found in blue topaz or sapphire, has a connotation of trust.

So as your going through your wedding blogs, magazines, or browsing your dream jewelry stores, keep in mind the idea of an engagement ring that could be personalized with a small detail such as a birthstone gem. This trend will always be something that will stand out and ensure that your ring is as unique and special as you.

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