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April 23, 2013

Saving Money for your Dream Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Getting married is an incredibly exciting event and marks the beginning of a new era in your lives together. Of course, every couple wants to make their wedding extra special and to give themselves treasured memories they can look back on for a lifetime – but at what cost?

Although the economic downturn has seen the average cost of a UK wedding drop from over £20,000 to £16,164 in 2013, this is still a substantial amount for anyone to find, and in some cases is putting people off getting married altogether. The Office of National Statistics reported that, in 2012, there were 5.9 million people cohabiting in the UK, which is double the figure from 1996.

Although there may be many reasons for couples choosing to live together without getting married, the perceived costs of getting wed are certainly an influencing factor in decisions not to take the trip down the aisle. If you are planning to get married, but worried about the cost, here are a few things you can do to release a little more money for your wedding.

Cut your fuel bills: With the average UK energy bill now at a staggering £1,350 per year, doing your bit to reduce your energy use can help your pocket as much as it does the environment. Turning down your thermostat, installing insulation and keeping appliances switched off when not in use can all add up to a significant saving over the year.

Shop around for services: Research has shown that many householders could save up to £300 per year on their car insurance if they shop around rather than just renewing with the same provider. Multiply this up for savings on home and contents, fuel suppliers and communications services and you could be looking at a good few hundred pounds towards your wedding.

Pay as you go: If you’re coming to the end of your mobile phone contract, instead of just upgrading to a newer handset and stomaching two years of £20 – £40 per month, consider getting a pay as you go sim card. Unless you make a lot of calls and texts, chances are you’ll make a massive saving here.

Go to the market: If you love to eat healthy (and particularly if you are on a diet kick in advance of your wedding) you can pick up fresh fruit and veg at a fraction of the supermarket prices at your local market.

Sell your stuff: Your cupboards and attic could be a treasure trove of unwanted items that can raise valuable cash for your wedding. Selling second hand clothes is a great way to free up cash, as well as making more storage space in your home.

Use your talents to make money: If you can play an instrument, write an article or create craft items you could make some decent money running a small business from home in your spare time.

Spend less: It sounds obvious, but if you can curb your spending habits you could free up substantial cash to spend on your wedding. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” each time you go to buy something, and see how much you can tuck away at the end of each month.

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April 1, 2013

Vintage Barn Wedding


Some AMAZING vintage wedding inspiration for you. I love everything about this wedding, especially the gold dipped black feathers hanging from the ceiling of the barn! photographed by Brooke Schwab Photography.



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