May 9, 2013

Bedroom Designs for Newlyweds

As a newly married couple, one of the things you may be embarking upon after your big day and romantic honeymoon is getting your marital home into shape. Working together to come up with mutually agreeable designs for various areas of the home can be quite exciting and fun.

When it comes to the bedroom design, there are a number of different design ideas and options that are perfectly suited for newlyweds. Of course, this depends on the tastes and preferences of both parties, and sometimes compromises may have to made to ensure that both of you get to enjoy the design and overall finish of your bedroom.

Four bedroom design ideas for newlyweds
As a newly married couple, it is important to discuss design ideas for the bedroom, as this will help to ensure that you both love the result and that your first argument as newlyweds is not about the choice of decor!

Some popular design options and ideas for newly married couples to consider when it comes to the bedroom, include the following.

Romantic theme: the natural choice for many newlyweds is a romantic theme for the bedroom. This is a great choice if you want to turn the bedroom into a sensuous, appealing, relaxing space, where you can enjoy quality time together in attractive surroundings. Choosing rich and romantic colours, in materials such as lace and satin, and furniture such as a four-poster bed or love seat, can all help to add to the romantic ambiance of a room.

Chic and modern: many newlyweds are young in terms of age, and as such, may prefer chic, modern styles. You may therefore want to consider a very contemporary design for your bedroom, bringing in items such as a leather bed base, slick white or modern black furniture such as bedside tables, spacious built-in wardrobes and a large, flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, so you can be entertained while enjoying breakfast in bed.

Cool and fun: as newlyweds, you may have limited time to enjoy being a couple before kids come along and you have to become ultra-sensible. So, you might want to take the opportunity to have fun while you can, deciding to carry this through to the design of your bedroom. Fun and hip colours, exciting wall decor, cuddly toys and cool beanbags are among the additions you can have as part of your design.

Luxurious: if you’ve spent a couple of weeks staying at a luxurious suite as part of your honeymoon, returning back to a standard, bland bedroom can be a real blow. So, you might want to consider keeping the luxury theme going by decorating your bedroom accordingly. Crisp linens, classic furniture, plush carpets, and eye-catching artwork can all help to add a touch of luxury.

By seeking out some great bedroom offers, you can decorate your bedroom just the way you want it without spending a fortune.

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