June 5, 2013

Plus Size Wedding Dressing Tips

A summer wedding usually conjures up images of strappy dresses, high heels and plenty of bare arms and legs on show. So, how do you navigate this particular social engagement whilst feeling comfortable and looking great? We have some great dressing tips for plus size ladies to keep you looking cool and glamorous in the heat of a summer wedding.

Layer it on

Forget the spaghetti straps and bandeaux numbers. You want something you can feel sophisticated and comfortable in. One option is to consider a dress that comes with a matching jacket or bolero that you can keep on during the ceremony, and remove later when you want to dance the night away! If you can’t find one, a pashmina or shawl in complimenting colours will work equally well, and it can make you feel more comfortable and confident in your look.

Focus on your best bits

We all have our best assets. Whether you think your décolletage deserves to be shown off, or if you like the curve of your waist as it reaches your hips, then that is the area you need to focus on. Go for a dress that shows off your shoulders or nips you in at the waist rather than a shapeless number for you to hide behind.

You’ll feel at your best if you show off your best bits and you’ll look happier and more confident. You’re going to be in this dress all day so you had better make sure you’re happy in it! Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little extra help with Spanx or figure-smoothing tights. These can work wonders for smoothing out any lumps and bumps you want to hide, and can go a long way to making you look amazing in any outfit.

Go neutral

Finding the perfect plus size dresses for weddings can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you’re not sure of what you should be looking for. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in a bright pink number from head to toe, but you don’t want to look as though you’re in mourning either in your trusty black dress.

The best option for this occasion is neutral shades with a few minor splashes of colour to add interest. Consider some pretty pastels with an interesting floral print in a brighter shade on either the top or the bottom half of the dress. This will break your outfit up into sections and prevent you looking monochrome.

Protect your feet

A wedding normally calls for heels to be worn, as do most formal occasions. However, you’re going to be in these heels for the entire day, from the ceremony to the meal and right through to the early hours of the reception. Nowadays it’s possible to find lots of cute and elegant flat pumps to match formal dresses, so you can look stylish as well as comfortable.

If you feel heels are a must, then consider a kitten heel or a supportive wedge to take some of the edge off. You’ll also be thankful for having a pair of rolled up flats in your clutch bag by the time the dancing gets into full swing. You’ll avoid being one of those girls dancing in her bare feet while saving your feet some stress at the same time!

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