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November 20, 2013

Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

After stressing out about the big day, it’s time to thank the girls who got you there without a scratch: your bridesmaids!

Help Out

The cost of a best friend’s wedding really adds up for a bridesmaid. The dress, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories add up mighty quickly. An important factor here is to consider helping them out with the cost. They’d never request something like this of you in the build up to the wedding, but they’d certainly appreciate the offer if it were to come from you.

(This pretty much goes double if it’s a destination wedding! If you’re asking them to take a week off of work, it’s an absolute must for you to help offset the cost of the trip!)

Though if they refuse your offer (or if you have a little something extra to spare), here are some fun ideas to thank the special girls in your life for making your day go off without a hitch:

Arm Candy

Definitely consider your girls’ personal styles when picking out a jewelry gift. Are they more classic or do they have a rocker edge? Maybe they’re somewhere in between? Here are a couple of options, whether you want to save, spend or splurge on your gift. You can do a sweet little bangle (Marc Jacobs do them in a ton of colors, so pick her favorite!), an always on trend wrap bracelet (this one is by Chan Luu) or go all out on some Mikimoto pearls.s

1/ Marc Jacobs Bangle from Bloomingdales 2/ Wrap Bracelet from Chan Luu 3/ Mikimoto Pearls from JR Dunn

Homemade Touch

Is there something that know you can bake the heck out of? If you can spare the time, why not make up a fresh batch of cookies (or fudge? Mmm!) and serve them up in a cute little tin from Michaels? If your baking is the talk of the town, your friends will love a little splurge on their favorite goodies. Invite your pals over for a nostalgic night in: PJs and a bottle of wine required for entry! On their way out, hand the goods over as a thank you for the night (not to mention the big night!)

Personalize It!

Another option would be to do a theme gifts. This blogger bought Hunter rainboots in her bridesmaids’ favorite colors to thank them for being there on her special day. How about a monogrammed handbag from Rebecca Minkoff’s Monogram Boutique or a personalized item from Moon and Lola (available at Nordstrom here)?

Go Etsy

If you’re wanting to go the uber personal route, there’s a plethora of unique handmade goodies to be found on Etsy. From iPhone cases to home décor bits, Etsy has your gift giving sorted out. Etsy is a great way to support local and indie talents without breaking the bank. They’re oozing with originality and your girls will love anything you come up with. Have a look at this list from Lucky mag for some great sellers. Definitely check the “vintage” tab for some truly unique items.


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