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August 9, 2010

{Ron and Jennifer}

~September 19, 2009 (Late Summer)
~Overall Location: Cape May, New Jersey
~Ceremony Location: First Presbyterian Church of Cape May (Est. 1898)
~Reception Location: The Hotel Alcott (Est. 1878 and named for Louisa May Alcott and her family, who stayed in the hotel when it was named The Arlington House)
~Photographer: Misty Dawn Photography
~Size of Wedding: Approx. 100 Guests, 4 Bridesmaids, 4 Groomsmen
~Colors of Wedding: Moss, Ivory, Gold, Chocolate

My hubby, Ron, and I met during our kindergarten days. We were in all the same classes throughout elementary school. I was the only girl invited to his last-day-of-school pool parties. Our moms were involved in school activities together. After 4th grade, my family and I moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan. I lived in Michigan with my family throughout high school, and then attended college at Western Michigan University. Ron and I had obviously lost touch, as we were both young when I moved away. During the Spring of my freshman year in college, I was chatting with an old friend (one who also went to elementary school with Ron and I), and I started to ask him about other kids we went to school with when we were little. I asked about “Ronnie”, and came to find that he was a close pal of the old friend I was talking to. I decided to Instant Message Ron to catch up, and was pleased that he remembered who I was. He was in his freshman year at Villanova University in PA. Instant Messages lead to phone calls, and Ron and I discovered that our families both spent time at the shore in New Jersey – his family owned a place on the bay, and my grandparents owned a place just one block over! On a whim, and with a little crush developing, I decided to spend my summer living with my grandparents and re-connecting with my long-lost childhood friend. Two days into meeting up with him after so many years, we had our first kiss and fell in love over the summer at the shore. Knowing it was meant to be, we stayed together throughout college – many states away from one another, and many plane rides back and forth! After graduation, I moved back to the east coast and Ron and I started our life together. We were engaged two years later and married a year and a half after that! This September, we’ll celebrate our one year anniversary!
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