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August 20, 2012

Having Fun With Wedding Rings

Typically in weddings, we see fairly traditional presentations of fairly traditional wedding rings. The rings are always looked forward to well in advance, and bringing them out marks the culmination of a wedding ceremony in many ways. However, if you are getting married soon, or even if you are planning a wedding, you do not have to stick to tradition when it comes to presenting the wedding rings. Instead, consider having some fun with them, both in terms of the rings themselves and how they are presented at the wedding ceremony. Here are a few specific ideas.

Personalizing Wedding Rings

• Wedding rings do not have to be simple golden bands. A quick look at a site like will show you that you actually have a lot of options for picking out rings. Whether you choose rings with patterns on them, rings studded with diamonds, or even engraved wedding bands, you can certainly personalize them and have some fun with the process.

Wedding Ring Presentation

• One fun way to present the wedding rings is to hang them on the bride’s necklace. This will likely be an enjoyable surprise for the wedding guests, and it puts the rings on full display for everyone to see. When the time comes, the bride can simply slide them off of her necklace and they can take their places on the married couple’s ring fingers.

• Another nice idea to consider is having a special guest present the rings, rather than using a traditional ring bearer. Some examples might be a special grandparent, or even a mutual friend that the bride and groom have shared for years. Having a person like this sitting in the front row to present the rings can result in a very nice moment at the wedding ceremony.

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October 6, 2010

simple rings of love

sometimes simple (and inexpensive) is prettier! love these from Rapunzels Gold

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