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November 20, 2013

Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

After stressing out about the big day, it’s time to thank the girls who got you there without a scratch: your bridesmaids!

Help Out

The cost of a best friend’s wedding really adds up for a bridesmaid. The dress, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories add up mighty quickly. An important factor here is to consider helping them out with the cost. They’d never request something like this of you in the build up to the wedding, but they’d certainly appreciate the offer if it were to come from you.

(This pretty much goes double if it’s a destination wedding! If you’re asking them to take a week off of work, it’s an absolute must for you to help offset the cost of the trip!)

Though if they refuse your offer (or if you have a little something extra to spare), here are some fun ideas to thank the special girls in your life for making your day go off without a hitch:

Arm Candy

Definitely consider your girls’ personal styles when picking out a jewelry gift. Are they more classic or do they have a rocker edge? Maybe they’re somewhere in between? Here are a couple of options, whether you want to save, spend or splurge on your gift. You can do a sweet little bangle (Marc Jacobs do them in a ton of colors, so pick her favorite!), an always on trend wrap bracelet (this one is by Chan Luu) or go all out on some Mikimoto pearls.s

1/ Marc Jacobs Bangle from Bloomingdales 2/ Wrap Bracelet from Chan Luu 3/ Mikimoto Pearls from JR Dunn

Homemade Touch

Is there something that know you can bake the heck out of? If you can spare the time, why not make up a fresh batch of cookies (or fudge? Mmm!) and serve them up in a cute little tin from Michaels? If your baking is the talk of the town, your friends will love a little splurge on their favorite goodies. Invite your pals over for a nostalgic night in: PJs and a bottle of wine required for entry! On their way out, hand the goods over as a thank you for the night (not to mention the big night!)

Personalize It!

Another option would be to do a theme gifts. This blogger bought Hunter rainboots in her bridesmaids’ favorite colors to thank them for being there on her special day. How about a monogrammed handbag from Rebecca Minkoff’s Monogram Boutique or a personalized item from Moon and Lola (available at Nordstrom here)?

Go Etsy

If you’re wanting to go the uber personal route, there’s a plethora of unique handmade goodies to be found on Etsy. From iPhone cases to home décor bits, Etsy has your gift giving sorted out. Etsy is a great way to support local and indie talents without breaking the bank. They’re oozing with originality and your girls will love anything you come up with. Have a look at this list from Lucky mag for some great sellers. Definitely check the “vintage” tab for some truly unique items.


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September 20, 2012

Wedding Shoes From My Glass Slipper

Wedding day is known as the most unforgettable day in human life. Most women wish that day could be perfect and hoping nothing would go wrong. Well…sometimes not all wish are fulfilled. There are some who get panic due of wedding shoes.

Getting panic to find perfect wedding shoes at the last minutes seem common as some brides feel the shoes are the least important of the wedding day attire. They might not know that choosing the right shoes to match their other wedding attire is not as easy as to buy other type of shoes.

Don’t ever think that people will not look at bride’s shoes. Currently it’s no longer do a bride’s shoes remain hidden under traditional hopped skirts, tulle and meters of train. The simplicity of wedding dresses today has prompted renewed interest in bridal footwear. People will of course see what shoes the bride is wearing.

If you’re the bride-to-be and wanting to buy shoes, be wise! Don’t just consider the look. Just because they are the most gorgeous wedding shoes you’ve ever seen, maybe even the most expensive – doesn’t make them the most suitable shoes to wear for up to twelve hours on your special day. Find wedding shoes that comfortable on your foot.

The important thing to find comfortable wedding shoes is to consider it heel! The higher the heel, the more stress you put on your lower back and also making your back muscles contract. Sure you don’t want to pain yourself on your first day honeymoon!

There is several of wedding shoes styles you can find at wedding shoes from myglassslipper. Some wedding shoes styles are made from leather, which is combined with cotton for strength and silk satin for richness. There is also wedding shoes that are made from other material, which is also beautiful.

If you want to check what style is match with your wedding dress, just click the website which purchases wedding shoes. You can order easily and without waiting very long, your wedding shoes will be on your hand. Try it on and see how it is on your foot. If not comfortable enough, you can return and change it with the one that is more comfortable.

It’s recommend that once you’ve found your dress, you start looking for the perfect shoes immediately for your wedding. You should have your shoes by the time your gown is delivered and ready to be altered. You will need to bring your shoes to every fitting so that the hemline remains the same.

At least two weeks before the wedding start wearing your shoes around the house. An hour at first, then slowly increase the time at three day intervals leading up to the day. That is to break them in, so you get familiar with your shoes. You do want to have gorgeous wedding shoes with beautiful attire feeling uneasy, don’t you!

Now, walk to the altar and make yourself the most charming bride in the world with your perfect gorgeous wedding shoes!

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August 16, 2012

Find comfortable flat wedding shoes for your wedding?

Did you know that many brides think high heeled shoes are sexier just because they saw it on fashion magazine? But the truth is, most brides choose to wear flat wedding shoes and to be safe and comfortable on their wedding day.

Let me tell you how to choose the most comfortable flat wedding shoes for your wedding day.

Tip number one- If you are going to wear a dress that will cover your shoes, try to find a flat shoe with a small heel. This way it will still be comfortable enough for you to walk and dance, but it will also make sure you won’t get dirt from the floor on your dress. Remember, if your heels are too high, you might fall of and embarrass yourself in front of your guests on your wedding day.

Tip #2 – If you chose a wedding dress that isn’t white (like cream for example) you shouldn’t buy a flat wedding shoes of the same color. This will look weird. I suggest choosing a natural color like silver, gold or bronze, this will go with every dress color and will make you look trendy.

Tip #3 – Research online. It takes a lot of time to go through different stores and try different designs. You can start researching on the internet for flat wedding shoes and get an idea of what you like and what you hate. This will help you speed up the process of searching the right pair when you walk into a store.

Searching the right shoes for your wedding is a very important task and if you choose to go with flat wedding shoes, follow your heart and search for the right shoes to fit perfectly to your dress and make your special day memorable.

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April 12, 2012

Superior Quality And Elegant Cloisonné Beads

There are lots of interesting beads that are designed today and among them are cloisonné beads. These beads are made by affixing a metal wire to the base of the design which also acts to separate the color. The process of making cloisonné beads is similar with making stained glass. Once the metal wire has been installed, a powder-colored glass enamel is painted in between the partitions made by the metal wire. The beads are then fired and polished after being painted by hands. Then, the beads are electroplated in gold or silver film to form beautiful and elegant beads. These beads look very lovely and interesting so you can use them to make different designs of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

You can also pair cloisonné beads with different kinds of beads that you have in your craft kit. However, when choosing beads that will complement cloisonné beads, make sure that you choose those that come with plain designs so that they will not compete with the design of the beads. Cloisonné beads pair well with plain seed beads, delica beads and other types of beads that you fancy. When choosing the threading materials, it is better if you use metal chain links that complement the color of the metal wire used in your beads thus if the metal wire used in your cloisonné beads are gold-plated, then you should opt for gold-plated chain links too. If, however, you don’t have metal chain links, you can always use nylon and ribbons as your threading materials. Now you may purchase brand new cloisonné beads at clearance prices at

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November 23, 2010

Pennsylvania Church Wedding

i love this wedding for so many reasons. the church is just adorable. the wedding details are so pretty without trying too hard. why and when did weddings become such extravagant/overdone affairs anyway? found via photography by Cami Haynes Photography

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September 20, 2010

California Surfer Engagement Shoot

i love the relaxed style of this couple. Her sweatpants and Vans are so cute and the bike is perfect. Photos by Braedon Photography

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September 3, 2010

{Sean and Mandie}

~October 18, 2008
~Location: Fairfield, Iowa (my {the bride’s} hometown)
~Venue: Fairfield Arts and Civic Center (we got married on the theatre’s stage, because I have been acting since I was bout 11 years old and am a musician in a band with my two sisters, and had the reception in the nearby pavilion – sooo convenient for our guests and fun too!)
~Size: We each had 5 attendants. I had my two younger sisters, Michaela and Whitney as my matron and maid of honor, respectively; and my three best girlfriends from college stood up with me too. Sean had his sister (and only sibling), Crissy, stand up with him as his “best maid”; it was so sweet and meant a lot to both of them, since they’re very close. His other groomsmen were friends he’s literally had since about kindergarten! So cool that they could all be there!
~There were 350 guests in attendance. We were very blessed to be able to have so many of our friends and family with us to celebrate our marriage!
~Colors, etc.: I let Sean pick our colors since I was doing most everything else – ha! He, of course, chose his favorite color red and added in black – pretty typical, I know. I requested that all other accents be off-white instead of the usual stark-white used in most weddings; because my dress was cream (I’m an Irish dual-citizen – we are PALE people! So, white isn’t the most flattering – haha!).
~Our flowers were done by my cousin Patti Balderson of Simplicity Flowers in Fairfield (no website); she is a genius! Otherwise, everything else (and I mean EVERYTHING) was done by my mother, Kerry, Sean, and myself.
~Details: We had long, king’s tables for the reception rather than rounds. Each table was named for a classic Hollywood film (ours was our favorite old movie, “Casablanca”). We sat in a special, “lover’s cabana” – very romantic! :-) A trail of red and black stars with classic, Hollywood actors and actresses lead the way from the theatre to the pavilion for the reception.
~Instead of cake, we had three flavors of gourmet cupcakes (including a giant cupcake for ourselves to cut with a bejeweled “C” on top that I made) – red velvet with cream cheese frosting, champagne with buttercream frosting, and spice cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. They were so good, and were conveniently made by our caterers John and Sonya of Village Cup and Cake in Keosaqua, Iowa (no website).
~My girls wrote sweet sayings on the soles of my shoes; and Sean’s sister wore the same outfit as my girls, but in all black instead of all red like my bridesmaids.
~Photographer: Our photographer was our good friend, Kyle Lane of Transcend Photography in Springfield, Missouri (we live in Branson, MO); but unfortunately, he does not do weddings anymore, and hardly even photographs anymore. We were grateful to have had his talent capture our wedding, but we are sad that nobody else gets to see his work anymore.

The Beautifully Broken

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August 16, 2010

(Caitlin and Sean)

~Ceremony Location: St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Sacramento, CA
~Photography: The Memory Journalists. They also do amazing baby/children’s photography!
~Reception Location: Beatnik Studios in Sacramento, CA
~Reception Designer: Kevin Cohee of DO AN EVENT Event Planning
~Flowers: Botanica Floral Designs
~Pianist: pianist is Karen Westbrooks
~Caterer: Joe at Crisp Catering
~Dessert: Bliss Bakery
~Lighting Effects: BP Productions
~Coffee: A Whole Latte Love
~Dress by Romona Keveza
~Jewelry by Christian Dior

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